Also concepts, creation and (sometimes) cake.

Hi! I'm Krystina - most people call me Tina. I'm a London-based copywriter, creative and journalist.

I specialise in branded editorial content, scriptwriting and storytelling (yeah I know, but it’s actually valid here). I’ve created copy for loads of companies and outlets. You can see some of my work below.

tl;dr: I write things your customers and audiences will actually enjoy reading and watching.

Things I am good at

  • Video scripts
  • Scripted comedy and dramatic narrative (no really, I've got an MA in it)
  • Conceptual and creative copy
  • Branded editorial
  • Long-form articles and white papers
  • Blog posts
  • Marketing emails
  • Website copy
  • Proofreading
  • Content critiques
  • Photographing, filming and editing work. I can actually make it, in other words
  • Organising other creatives to do things (like actors and directors, also I know lots of them)
  • Storytelling that isn't just throwing the word 'storytelling' around for marketing buzzword points

Things other people have said about me

Tina was with us here at Premier Inn for 6 months and did a fantastic job across the board. Campaigns, video scripts and all manner of product/editorial copy - whatever was thrown at her Tina smashed it out of the park, with style, finesse and good humour.

Great attention to detail, quick turn arounds and the minimum of fuss - what more could you want?

A great asset to any content or creative team.

-- Neil Starr, Premier Inn


Tina is an experienced and enthusiastic copywriter, capable of turning her hand to any challenge that may crop up. Focussed under pressure, reliable and with a naturally engaging written style she produces what's needed when it's needed across a number of key accounts.

-- Alistair Sibley, Ketchum


Krystina has written some fantastic pieces for Drowned in Sound, ranging from reviews of major releases to quickly turned around film reviews. All of her writing reveals a well researched and deep understanding of the subject matter which is met with her thoroughly entertaining commentary. She's a terrific critic as well as a great human being.

-- Sean Adams, Drowned in Sound


Tina knows her sh*t. Her copy for us is great: short and snappy. Highly recommend!

-- Paul Mellor, Mellor & Smith



Get in contact

I’m based in London. But thanks to the magic of modern technology I can work with clients across the UK, and perhaps even further.

Drop me a line and let's chat.